We are building an independent, agile, oil & gas company that applies a contrarian approach to asset identification and a curious, engineering led approach to asset exploitation and company building.

Alpha is currently approved as an operator of oil and gas leases and wells in Texas, Colorado, offshore in the United States, and in Ukraine. We own and operate assets in the U.S. and Ukraine.

  • U.S.
  • 3 assets
  • ~15,000 net acres
  • 3.7 mmboe reserves
  • Ukraine
  • 50-year PSA
  • 515,000 acres
  • 90+ mmbbl resource potential

Targeting Technical Potential drives the philosophy and organization structure of our company, and our team has the required business and engineering skill set.

We combine deep oil field and financial expertise with a history of public and private company managerial experience in several industries.

We mean to apply best practices in petroleum engineering, financial engineering, company development, and team building in order to drive sustainable returns.

Latest news

Where we invest

Overlooked assets

No longer ‘core’ to their owners, receive little technology or capital

Identified upside

Through enhancement opportunities, workovers, waterflooding, EOR, or through the drill bit

Attractive full-cycle cash flow

To sustain through unfavorable hydrocarbon price scenarios